About the Lark and Lee Parishes

The four Suffolk villages of Barton Mills, Freckenham, West Row and Worlington are known informally as the Lark and Lee parishes because they all lie either on the River Lark or its tributary, the Lee Brook. The churches of the four parishes are part of the larger Forest Heath Team, and have been working together as one group since January 2014. In the bible, the prophet Ezekiel describes a vision of a river flowing through the land, and says 'wherever the river flows, everything will live' (Ezekiel Chapter 47: v9.)

Our vision for the group of four parishes is just that - that new life will spring up everywhere in them.  The churches will flourish, and lives will be transformed.  Each church is very different, but each of them have the same Spirit flowing through them bringing new life.

For most of 2020 and part of 2021 most of our activities were suspended and we worshipped via Zoom.  These online services continue, though a limited pattern of worship in church is now beginning, with fortnightly services in each church.  For the latest information on services, or details on how to join Zoom worship, please contact the Vicar, Rev David Everett (see Contacts page)